5 Digital Signage Uses for Your Healthcare Facility

by Cynthia Nutwell

According to a recent study by marketing research firm Arbitron, 75% of hospital visitors who viewed digital signage were able to recall at least one message from their visit. Also, three out of four patients and caregivers who viewed the messaging found the content enhanced the hospital experience and provided helpful information. Survey respondents from eight hospitals in the U.S. said the video screens were more informative and educational than print materials. So how can digital signage make a difference in your healthcare facility? Here are five opportunities to improve communication with visitors, patients and staff:

Enhanced Wayfinding

Forget colored stripes on the floor. Interactive digital kiosks are a superior tool for helping visitors and patients determine where they are, where they need to go and how to get there. The dynamic search functionality is also much more efficient than printed hospital signage that needs to be constantly updated.

Patient Education

Digital signage can provide education and additional resources for patients. Signage can be customized for different units and updated easily and frequently. For example, digital signage in the labor and delivery unit may feature videos and tips on breastfeeding while the cancer treatment wing shows a newsfeed of new research findings.

Community Connection

There’s a reason there are so many TV shows set in hospitals: they are full of amazing stories! Use digital signage to communicate the humanity behind the scrubbed walls. Do you have a visiting canine program? Did your staff participate in a 5K for cancer research funding? Did your recent expansion provide a lot of new jobs in the community? Highlight these stories with pictures and videos on digital signage throughout the facility.

Encourage Staff Members

Everyone who works in the demanding healthcare field, from the head of surgery to the custodial staff, can use a pick-me-up once in a while. Reinforce the values and mission of your facility with encouraging messages and images for staff in employee-only areas. Feature Employees of the Month and allow staff to submit quotes from patients that made them feel great about their work. Digital signage is also an effective way to disseminate important notices or policy changes to staff members.

Emergency Notifications

An integrated digital signage system allows hospital administrators to immediately push messages campus-wide when a weather alert or safety issue arises. Signage can work along with sirens, lights and an intercom system to keep patients, staff and visitors safe in dangerous situations.

Finally, remember that context is just as relevant as content when it comes to healthcare signage. Segment messaging on digital signs based on the needs of individual departments and areas along with the different needs of patients, visitors and staff. With a dynamic digital signage system you can improve communication across the entire campus.