Sticking in All the Right Places: 3 Areas Where Labels and Decals Are a Must

by Jayme Nelson

Created in many shapes and sizes, labels and decals can be used to help inform, sell and protect. These visual communications tools are much more than "stickers" and are used every day, from production to promotion.

Packages and Products

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Companies can utilize labels in assigned colors and designs on equipment, boxes, walls or floors to improve packaging and shipping operations. Adding them to supplies and parts provides organization. Labels and decals can be precision printed with logos and branded designs to launch and sell products.

Chemicals and Equipment

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In industries that are required to clearly identify hazardous chemicals by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA), labels and decals are an important communication tool.  SCRAM Crawling Insect Killer uses different product labels based on each state’s EPA requirements.

When applied to machinery or helmets, decals remind about safety and equipment performance.

Walls and Floors/Physical Location

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Strategically place floor decals to direct traffic and maximize workflow. Large wall decals placed in prominent areas can help keep employees informed. Get creative with inspirational quotes and decor elements to provide a work environment that enhances productivity and engagement.

Whether attached to equipment, product boxes, walls or floors, labels and decals make workflow processes smoother and safer, and can help attract attention at the point of sale.