Marketing Your Exclusive Craft Brew with a Sign and Graphic Strategy Just as Unique

by Jayme Nelson

With craft brews accounting for almost a quarter of the U.S. beer market, and growing, how do you ensure that your craft brew line is one of the success stories? You have invested blood, sweat and tears in building your brew and its brand. Your signs and visual marketing tactics are what helps you put your beer in front of the right audience and adopt a following in your community and beyond.

Steep Your Product with Your Branding

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Packaging is an important piece of your beer marketing strategy. Arguably one of the most prominent signs relevant to your craft brew is the one in the hand of your consumer. Decals and stickers label and identify the unique brew or cider, all the while still marketing your brand. Incorporate your distinct logo and visual branding into each label from the tap handles to the barrels. With consumption of beer in the U.S. around 33 gallons per person, per year (for those of the legal drinking age), there is ample opportunity to ensure your beer marketing gets in front of the right eyeballs.

Pour Custom Graphics into your Plant or Beerhouse 

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Consistent and branded signage is also important to have onsite, whether you are a large, traditional brewer or a small, independent craft brewer. Warning signs and equipment labels keep employees safe and foster an environment that reminds the team of the importance of attention to detail. Floor graphics, hanging signs and directories can point the way for visitors. Wall murals can help tell your brew’s story, highlight brand principles or promote your beerhouse in a visually interesting way. Removable decals and identifying plaques can be made for metal casks at your facility. Those made from wood can have the logo burned or engraved in for a seamless look. Design custom brewery signage as an extension of your organization’s culture and brand personality. 

Tap Into the Consumer Experience

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Have takeaways at the ready, from printed coasters and engraved bottle openers to logoed T-shirts and branded pub glasses. These can do double time as giveaways at events. Employees should wear your brand and message everywhere they go. When traveling to conferences and festivals where your brew will be on display, consider polo shirts, aprons and nametags. Have printed flyers on-hand to promote the next event or batch release. Cut-outs for photo opportunities, moveable flags for crowded areas, and custom tents and tablecloths are just a few of the ways that you can create a mobile experience. Product fact cards can educate visitors on your unique brews and the processes involved in making them. Create and include a custom hashtag to encourage beer drinkers to share the experience, and your brew, online.   

You got into this industry because of your passion for beer. Utilize signs, graphics and visual marketing to reach more beer-lovers in the community, creating a fan base that is as passionate about your product as you are.