Expansion of Historic Restaurant into Broader Businesses through Brand Extensions

by Jayme Nelson

In 1822, the Stone House became one of the original inns to open for wagoners and travelers along Pennsylvania's National Road (U.S. Route 40). Executive chef and operating partner Jeremy Critchfield became an owner of the Historic Stone House Restaurant, Inn & Tavern with a vision to take the historical bed and breakfast to new heights. The Farmington, Pennsylvania eatery needed new branding and signage for its growing business.

FASTSIGNS of Uniontown worked with Critchfield to bring his vision of revitalizing the Historic Stone House to life by creating a new brand identity for it. Comprehensive visual communications solutions for all of the brand extensions, including a fine dining restaurant, butcher store, catering service and event venue, were provided.

Restaurant smoke house signage

The first step was to create a new logo, which FASTSIGNS designed to convey the rustic yet modern style of the brand. When the chef added new concepts, including the Barbeque Smoke House, the Butcher and Provisions store and Backyard to Blacktie Catering, FASTSIGNS created additional logos for each that reflected the same brand personality and were easily integrated together.

“It was important to the chef that each division of his business has a separate but similar look and feel in their branding and logos,” said FASTSIGNS’ Brenda Stipanovich.

To increase visibility, billboards and post-and-panel signs were added along high-traffic roadways directing passersby to the locations and promoting weekly specials. The restaurant’s entrance is identified with branded building signs and bold graphics. The company’s vehicles, including two box trucks, catering vans and the chef’s personal car, are branded with colorful vehicle wraps to promote the food brands while on the go.

post-and-panel sign

Logoed apparel including t-shirts, printed aprons and hoodies are provided for employees to wear, as well as available for patrons to purchase.

The Barbeque Smoke House concept is housed in a renovated, vintage garage outside of the main restaurant. Large banners and posters identify the site, direct patrons where to order and spotlight menu items.

The Historic Stone House hosts special events throughout the year such as “Bike Nights” that can attract over 200 people to the location, for which FASTSIGNS provides branded canopies, banners, flyers and menu boards to maximize event effectiveness. For when the chef attends events to showcase the restaurant, FASTSIGNS put together a trade show booth package that includes the different Stone House logos integrated into graphics, banner stands, branded table coverings and business cards.

branded table coverings

From creating a robust brand identity encompassing multiple concepts to extending it across multiple avenues, FASTSIGNS helped The Historic Stone House Restaurant, Inn & Tavern tell their story, promote their offerings and get noticed as a prime travel and event destination.

“It’s truly a pleasure working with The Historic Stone House team and watching their business continue to grow,” Stipanovich said. “We still provide all of their ongoing visual communications needs—from road signs, vehicle wraps, menu boards and promotional items, down to the labels on their own homemade sauces, rubs and Bloody Mary mix.”