And That’s a (Unique) Wrap, Folks!

by Leah Edwards

“When you can do a common thing in an uncommon way; you will command the attention of the world,” said George Washington Carver. Unlikely objects or spaces can become perfect places to get your message out on signage as unique wraps. FASTSIGNS® is all about customized messaging, so here are a few ideas for using unique wraps to give an object or space an attention-getting look.

1. Take an Existing Structure and Revamp It

By using an existing structure, your canvas is right before you as a pre-existing option. Inside or outside, you can change the look of an area with a unique wrap.

Vinyl wrapped over existing structures to give a refreshed look

2. Transform Objects into Works of Art by Using a Vinyl Wrap

Office furniture and appliances can be wrapped to extend the life of an object after too much wear and tear, to create a new or additional use for something, or to extend branding to decor. A wrap can also give a more sophisticated look to something with options like wood-grain and textured vinyls.

A collection of interior office decor wrapped with vinyl for an architectural finish

3. Turn an Eyesore into Something Eye-Catching with a Unique Wrap

Generators, air vents, columns and trailers are usually unattractive. With the help of a unique vinyl wrap, unflattering objects can quickly become a natural extension of a space.

Interior and exterior eye-sores given a new look using a vinyl finish

4. Introduce Unique Wraps into a Space as Part of the Interior Decor

Various interior structures branded with wrapped vinyl for a cohesive look

Unique wraps can provide brand continuity in a space, as well as help set a mood. Whether on elevators, walls or equipment, wraps can add color and interest to a facility.

Take your visual graphics a step further by using uncommon methods and materials like unique wraps to attract attention, extend your brand and improve the look of your area. The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to giving new life to existing spaces, disguising not so attractive (but permanent) structures and transforming something ordinary into something eye-catching.

What are some ideas you have for creatively using vinyl wraps in your space? Let us know; we are more than ready to help you.