Why Spring is the Time to Clean up your Visual Communications Solutions

by Leah Edwards

Spring is a time of change and therefore, the ideal time to clean up your visual communications solutions. But why, you ask? Here are a few reasons we think that Spring can be perfect for change:

1. It’s a Time of Visual Rebirth

With the weather and plants changing, fashion trends emerging and Pantone colors bursting into full bloom, now is the time to give your interior the face lift it deserves.

Spring-time Pantone colors and elevator graphics

2. It’s a Time of Physical and Financial Activity

People are coming out of winter hibernation to frequent retail and food establishments. They’re ready to have fun after a long winter. It’s also a time of economic bump when shoppers are eager to spend that tax refund check.

exterior window and sidewalk retail signage

3. It’s a Time of Renewed Motivation

We’re a quarter into the new year and it’s a good time to re-evaluate your 2019 resolutions for sign and graphics changes you wanted to make.

before and after church monument sign

So whether it’s some interior boosts, exterior signage, event signage or small updates to your branding signage, now is the time to make a change. Hey, everyone else is doing it and so should you!