Empowering the Next Generation of Sign Manufacturers on Sign Manufacturing Day 2019

by Emily Shuler

FASTSIGNS International, Inc., a leading sign and visual communications franchisor, is an official endorser of Sign Manufacturing Day 2019. With over 700 independently owned and operated locations in nine countries that manufacture signs and visual graphics every day, FASTSIGNS joins organizations across the United States to celebrate modern manufacturing to inspire the next generation of manufacturers.

There are five main disciplines each of us use in our everyday activities. From weekend hobbies to our careers; science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) affect every aspect of our day. Ever wonder what a career at FASTSIGNS might look like? Well, it’s nothing short of these five STEAM academic skill sets.


2019 Sign MFG Day_Science.jpg

Scientists aren’t the only ones who gather and process data. An inside or outside sales person, gathers data from different industries to identify common business challenges and needs. Once a customer’s needs have been identified, they work with a collaborative team to find a solution that’s fit for the customer.


2019 Sign MFG Day_Technology

Always ‘in the know’ on the latest cutting edge technology? Production specialists bring designs to life by finding new ways to be efficient and resourceful with materials while learning about the latest print technology. 


2019 Sign MFG Day_Engineering.jpg

Maybe you’re a problem solver and can think quickly on your feet. Installers, as well as the production team, are constantly engineering ways that signs and graphics can be installed safely and visibly. 


2019 Sign MFG Day_Art.jpg

From crafting signs to customizing vehicle graphics and digital sign content, graphic designers walk with a customer from concept to completion. By creating eye-catching imagery unique to any brand, designers help build brands, increase awareness and help a business get their message out. 


2019 Sign MFG Day_Math.jpg

Careful calculations span across every role at a FASTSIGNS center. From designing a sign that perfectly fits a space to measuring an area for installation, mathematics are important in getting things right.

Modern manufacturing is on the rise with a unique career path to incorporate any skill set when it comes to sign manufacturing. Interested in finding a career path that’s right for you? Visit https://www.fastsigns.com/about/careers.